Cast iron on glass stove?


Do you use a cast iron cookware on your glass top stove? I live in a very old home that has a stove that is just as old. I really want to replace our current stove with a nicer glass top. However, I’ve never cooked with cast iron on glass. I’m curious if there are any differences between cooking on this type of stove as opposed to older ones. I’m also wondering if I need to worry about the cast iron scratching the glass. What has your experience been with this? Anything that I should know? Dos and don’ts? Thanks for your help!


I’ve never had any issues with my cast iron on a glass-top stove. No scratching. You want to be careful about putting the cookware down though. I have seen stovetops shatter after a heavy skillet was put down too hard. Other than that, you shouldn’t have any issues with it.


I would advise against this also. The weight of the cast-iron will stress the glass. Eventually you will tap the cooking surface just a little too hard and it will shatter. Glass can distribute the heat more evenly than a flame, but a good cast-iron pan would distribute the heat evenly also, making this benefit to a glass top stove redundant if you are using cast-iron.