Ever ruined cast iron?


Have you ever ruined one of your cast iron pieces? Since restoring cast iron is so popular, it’s obvious that it is pretty hard to completely destroy cast iron to the point where it is no longer safe to use. So with that said, have you ever truly ruined something from your collection. If so, what happened that caused it to be ruined and were you able to replace it? What did you learn from having to get rid it? It’s important to know what to absolutely avoid to take care of your collection.



I had a pan rust up on me once. I don’t get to use them as much as I’d like. To my great relief their was only a thin layer of orange on in that was easy enough to scrub off. I’ve re-seasoned it and I still use it. Though I tend to use the other one more. It’s strictly a ‘back-up’ pan now.


I’ve been pretty fortunate not to. The first cast iron pan I ever got to use was a hand me down so it was kind of understood hey you need to take care of this. So I was able to google and figure out how. My first restoration was interesting because I didn’t realize you need to towel dry the CI first so I just stuck it in the oven wet and it came out covered in a new layer of rust and I had to start over. But that’s the worst I have done. fortunately these things are pretty tough. I think you basically have to leave it outside or wet to really ruin it.