Hi from the admin!


I guess I will get this section started. My name is Donald. I live in Houston, TX and have always had a love for restoring things collecting things and history and cast iron really seems to be at the intersection of those passions so I started this forum.


Hi. I’m a 68 year old retired plumber from Wales. It seems like the forum is mostly for cookware enthusiasts, so I hope there’s room for me. I’m a little obsessed with cast-iron plumbing. Pipes, gutters, hoppers and spouts. I’ve had to restore an replace a few old drainage systems in my time, and I’ve always recommended that they go for cast-iron replacements rather than plastic knock-offs or using modern functional but ugly drainpipes instead. I have kept a few of my favourite examples of Victorian and other antique cast-iron pieces that customers have had me remove despite my recommendations. They’re like works of art to me.


Welcome! That sounds very interesting. I would love to see those. I actually never knew they made cast iron pipe until recently.


If I can ever figure out how to get photos off my camera and onto the computer, I’d be happy to show you. I’m not great with computers I’m afraid. My son has shown me a few things, but I still find it very confusing. I’d much rather do things with my hands. If I could build my own website out of pipes and fittings I’d be in business.
I’ll ask my son to help me with the pictures next time I see him.


Sounds good. Best of luck and welcome to the forum!