How did your collection start?


How did you get started with cast iron? I am genuinely curious how everyone’s collection started. For me, I’ve always been interested in cooking, and express interest in a cast iron skillet after seeing how many things you could do with them and how long they last. Still, at the time, it seemed to be a big investment. I was gifted a skillet one year and I love it! Since then I have become more curious about other cookware, taking care of my cast iron and all of the different ways that I can use it. What started your collection? What was your first cast iron?


My collection started with a cast iron frying pan I bought from a kitchen outlet store in Medford, MN. It was an impulse buy and I couldn’t help myself. It wasn’t the best, but it was my first. I still have it, but it’s only used as a back-up pan now. My collection is still rather small, but I love it when I get the chance to cook with it.


My collection started with pieces I’d recovered from customers that wanted the old cast-iron guttering and drainpipes removed. Most of it was still in good condition. They wanted modern UPVC pipes instead. Well there’s no accounting for taste, but at least I got to rescue the best examples of antique plumbing for myself. Some of it got used for restoration projects, but I still have a lot of it that I can’t part with, even though I’ve retired from plumbing.


My first piece was a pan my ex wife got from her grandma I believe. I didn’t use it a whole lot. When we got divorced I didn’t have a pan any longer so I started doing research into them and fell in love.