How do I strip and clean my cast iron?


There are a few ways you can strip your cast iron. There are two parts to cleaning your casiron

1. Removal of Grease & Grime Option A. - Self Cleaning Oven
(WARNING MAY WARP PAN!) Rinse pot, pan, etc with a lot of mild soapy water to get it clean. Put pot pan etc in oven that has a self cleaning setting. Turn on self heating. let it remain for the rest of the cycle. once the cycle is done you should leave pain in the oven for a few hours while it cools naturally.

  1. Removal of Grease and Grime Option B. - Oven Cleaner in a Bag
    (Warning Toxic Fumes) Put cast Iron into a garbage bag or something that wont leak. Spry oven cleaner all over the pan. Wait for a few days. Scrub off remaining grease with wire brush.

  2. Removal of Grease and Grime Option B. - Lye
    Warning (Caustin)
    Get sturdy rubber tote (I recommend Rubbermaid Brute). Fill with 8 gallons of cold water (Warning this can cause exothermic reaction/heating. Mix in 1 lb of lye (I recommend Food Grade in case you want to cook with
    it… Ratio is 8-1

1. Removal of Rust - Vinegar Solution
After soaking for 30 minutes in 50/50 white vinegar and water, then scrubbed with scotch bright dish brush etc. Towel Dry Immediately! I actually put it in oven wet which made tons of rust appear so I had to redo. After Towel drying I put it in 200 degree oven to dry.