Seasoning methods?


What is your favorite way to season your cast iron? There are products that are clearly marketed as a good choice to use, then there are a variety of oils, and some oils that people say you should avoid. Some people swear by lard as the best option and a stand by. So what do you use? Have you ever had a bad experience with a seasoning method? Maybe you season your cast iron in a way that would make other people cringe? In any case, I’d be really interested to know what your thoughts are on this.



I think that there are a lot of good ways to season your cast iron. However, I would stay away from many of the commercial products marketed towards seasonings. Many of them have chemicals. Why risk your health by having that leach into your food when there are safer alternatives? Just my two cents.


I actully like the method Sheryl Canter outlines in her blog post.. You can see how it worked in my restoration of a 1960’s lodge Dutch Oven.

Basically strip the pot pan what have you down to bare metal and then apply a thin coat of oil fat etc (She and I recommend flax seed for its ability to polymerize ) and wipe off so it’s almost unnoticble (the opposite of a drippy mess which creates pools). Then heat your oven to 500 or as close as your oven can get to 500 then leave for 1 hour. Turn off the oven and let cool (don’t open oven door). In about 3 hours when you can touch the pot with your hands without being burned you are ready to repeat. Most people recommend at least 6 layers which leaves a rich brown color if you went to bare metal and used flax seed.

What ever you do just don’t season a dirty pan. I see people do this on YouTube I guess be cause they don’t want to put in the effort or don’t know how to really clean the pan.